Polaroid and the Era of Instant Film

While I was a student of Minor White’s at M.I.T. in 1971, Polaroid had a young artist program which offered our class (7 people) ten boxes of 4×5 Polaroid film to shoot and trade for one of our images. If their committee selected one image, we continued getting the ten boxes of film. We were […]

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Review of Current Photography Exhibition

My photographs and those of Wojtek Wojdynski are currently in an exhibition at Through This Lens Gallery in Durham. Reviewed by Blue Greenberg, here is what she said about our work. At Through This Lens, two views of the natural form Feb 15, 2009 Through this Lens’ Web site gives the following subtitle to the […]

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Time Marches On

When I started photography as a high school student processing my own 35mm film in stainless steel tanks by hand, I never imagined anything more maverick than perhaps having a lab process dozens of rolls of film at a time. I never imagined people would make images in their cameras without film. I had not […]

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